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2016-2017 Staff

Isabella Webb


Isabella dances at Focus Dance Center and often visits Cha for Tea afterwards. The Flash and Once Upon a Time are some of her favorite TV shows. She has traveled to London, Scotland, and France.

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Audrey Tumbarello


Audrey plays softball for CdM and loves to travel. Her two golden retrievers, Blue and Sadie, keep her busy at home. Audrey loves the beach and pizza.

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Xander Polny


Xander's life basically revolves around sports. He runs track, cross country, and plays soccer for CDM. This is Xander's first year on the Trident Staff. 

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Thuy Pham


Thuy Pham is 14 years old. She loves to draw, play piano and write. Her hobbies include shopping, exploring fashion, traveling, taking pictures and writing stories.

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Jodi Parker

Copy Editor

Jodi is a simple person. Jodi loves cats, pizza, and Editor-in-Chief, Hannah. In that order specifically.

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Georgia Jeter


Georgia has been playing tennis all her life. She loves to travel and hopes to travel outside of the country. Expressing oneself is critical to Georgia and she lets her creativity fly when she plays around with fashion styling...

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Delaney Ivey

Magazine Editor

A dog person conquering the world one day at a time. Loves journaling, art, politics,  and long conversations, especially when coffee is involved.

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Brooklyn Hollander


Brooklyn rows for Newport Seabase Rowing and competed in regionals last year. Brooklyn loves to read and some of her favorites would be Harry Potter and The Mortal Instruments. Although Brooklyn loves many foods she claims that...

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Riley Foster


Riley is on the CdM sailing team and loves to read. Riley has visited France twice and considers herself a traveling junkie to explore new things and places. When she is at home, she watches The Office and Parks and Recreation...

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Megan Fisk


Megan is an opposite hitter on the CdM Volleyball Team as well as beach volleyball. When she is not on the court, she is on the stage. An active theatre member, she has participated in CdM's "You Can't Take it With You"

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Maya Satchell


Maya is an outside hitter for the CdM volleyball team. When she is not on the court, you can find her at the beach. Although she claims to be inflexible, she is often found doing cartwheels around the school. Like many other students,...

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Anna Constantino

Magazine Editor

Anna is the Co-Editor of Trident Magazine, and is a third-year staff member. She enjoys writing about school events, entertainment, and food. When she is not at school, she likes to spend time with her friends, go to the beach,...

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Cesar Arbel


Cesar is on the soccer and tennis team for CdM. He is an active reader and constantly has a book in his hands. Not only is he fluent in French, but he also has also visited places with rich culture such as the Dominican Republic.

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Taylor Cooper


Taylor is a member of CdM Speech and Debate. Taylor is a part of the wrestling team for the 2016-2017 team. Additionally, Taylor loves the book and movie "Perks of Being a Wallflower".

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Hannah Schoenbaum


Hannah Schoenbaum is the Editor-in-Chief of Trident magazine and CdM's literary arts magazine, Pulp. She is a member of the Youth & Government program on campus and is a 4-year Trident staff member.

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Kara Pauley


Kara (CAR-UH) plays volleyball for CdM as a middle blocker and also plays club volleyball at Orange County Volleyball Club. Some of her favorite things are long walks on the beach and when people pronounce her name correctly....

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Jina Lee


When Jina isn't school likes to go to the beach with her friends. After she graduates, she wants to travel to Europe and Mexico, her favorite places. After going to hot yoga and pilates she likes to go to Cha and get her favorite...

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Mallorie Cohen


Mallorie is a middle hitter for the CdM volleyball team and plays for Orange County Volleyball Club. She loves anything that involves fashion and hopes to pursue a career that involves it. In class, she is probably thinking about...

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Nikka Afshar


Nikka is an active member of Youth & Government, a student government program at CdM. She enjoys writing about travel destinations and fine arts. After visiting 21 countries, Nikka has a keen sense of culture from many parts...

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Megan Moore

Online Editor

Megan Moore is an online editor for Trident. Although she used to play volleyball and tennis, she now devotes her time to her job at Brandy Melville. Megan moved from Portland, Oregon for her junior year and now loves to visit...

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Brooke Pauley

Copy Editor

Brooke loves theater, grammar and being in charge. She loves singing and is an avid reader. She dreams of world domination.

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Sam Rhodehamel


Sam Rhodehamel is a junior in high school and a second year Trident student. His passions include traveling, journalism, and photography.

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Simone Oberreiter


Simone Oberreiter is a sophomore at Corona del Mar High School. She enjoys playing lacrosse, volunteering at the library and participating in Speech and Debate.

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Kendall Gore

Online Editor

Kendall runs for the CdM Cross Country team. She loves traveling around the world and discovering new countries. When not running, Kendall is either watching Gossip Girl or a classic movie like The Goonies.  Although she has...

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Jillian Hughes


Jillian loves writing and writing. She always keeps up with current politics when she is not stressing about her AP classes.

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