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7 Problems High School Students Face

Modern students are not the same as their peers a few decades ago. They have a fundamentally changed life, the objective and social world, new opportunities. But what problems are they experiencing? We analyzed the opinions of experts and identified 7 main problems of a modern high school student.

  1. General emotional distress

Modern students have almost everything they want, but for the most part, they are much less happy than the previous generation at their age. The reason is the crisis of modern families. Numerous divorces, teenagers replace live communication with parents with modern toys, lack of proper attention to the personality of teenagers, and so on. As a result, there is a neurosis, a feeling of loneliness, and negative self-esteem.

  • Information overload

Modern teenagers “swim” in a huge amount of information pouring on them from TV screens, computer monitors, textbooks, books, magazines. Children think that it is useless to store any information in their head because they can search for anything on the Internet. As a result, there is memory loss, the inability to concentrate on any one object.

  • The pursuit of success

Modern society and teenagers are overly inclined toward success. From the first grade, the child is fixated on achieving results. Modern students are forced to grow up in an environment where they are constantly compared with someone. Society and parents put pressure on children, demanding high results from them, forgetting about other universal values ​​and that it is impossible to be in a constant race.

  • High competition

Moreover, this competition applies not so much to the educational side of school life but to interpersonal relationships among peers. What place do I occupy in my group? How can I upgrade my status? How can I gain popularity among classmates? Students seek an answer to these questions, depending on the scale of values of the group to which they relate themselves.

  • The problem of conflict resolution

Modern teenagers have a problem with conflict resolution, which is associated with the development of virtual communication. Indeed, on the Internet, you can stop communicating simply by logging out at any time. As a result, the modern teenager is neither able to compromise nor to cooperate nor to explain.

  • Poor health

Statistics by the Ministry of Health indicate a progressive deterioration in the health status of the entire population. From an early age, modern teenagers suffer from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, endocrine system, and anemia. The reason for such global changes is a change in nutrition and the lack of sufficient physical activity.

  • Responsibility for own choice

In a modern school, specialized education is widespread. Both parents and teachers, starting from the first grade, constantly ask their children a sacramental question: “How will you pass the exam?” And at the mention of the word “exam”, students begin to worry about their future and how to pass tests successfully.