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Girls’ Lacrosse Senior Game

This past Thursday, CdM’s varsity girls lacrosse took on their game against Santa Margarita and ended up unfortunately losing with a final score of 15-10. The game was in honor of the seniors last season with CdM and before the start of the game several teammates were able to tribute a speech to their leaving seniors.Shelby Glabman, varsity player and sophomore, stated, “I have gotten so close to everyone on this team and I am especially thankful for the bonds I have gotten to build with our seniors. Being able to give my speech to Sophia before the game really got me motivated to try to make the rest of our season the best yet, win or lose.”The teams seniors are Joslyn Simaan, Tessa Montgomery, Hailey Butcher, Sophia Newton, Katie Rodewald, Celeste Wayne, Katie Langley, Lexi Garbers, and Simone Oberriter. Rodewald will be attending USC this upcoming year and Newton will be joining UCLA for the start of her college career.The close game was in honor of the seniors leaving for college after the end of this school year. Although not winning the game, the seniors got the chance to see their teammates deliver speeches about how much they have impacted their time on lacrosse.After watching the game, Melina Parsi, CdM student and sophomore, stated, “Despite the girls not winning this game, you could tell they put their all forth.” While the team may have been disappointed by the loss, the teams wins and bonds they have made this season make up for it.Whether its on or off the field, the girls will continue to work hard and laugh together as the season comes to an end. The senior game embodied a meaning much greater than winning. The game gave the girls the chance to show their appreciation and love for their seniors. Although their time on CdM girls varsity is coming to an end, the seniors teammates have no doubt that their seniors will move on to greater things in life.