The Marines Visit CdM

Zoe Deralas, Journalist

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On January 25th, 2018 at lunch in the quad, there was a booth set up for students interested in joining the marines after high school. The marines in charge of the booth were dressed in uniform and were happy to provide any information to anyone. They come once a year to give students the opportunity to contemplate what they would like to pursue in the future, like how colleges visit to do the same.
They set up an exercise pull-up bar in front of their booth as a strength test for anyone who is interested. It is seen as a great challenge, but if completed, prizes are received. The marines set up this bar as a challenge and a chance for one to truly break out of their comfort zone.
This is another reason as to why CdM has such a wide variety of occupations that students are interested in. The school does an excellent job of providing a taste of the experience at countless colleges and job opportunities. Students have a plethora of resources to thrive and flourish in, with wonderful opportunities that could possibly end up being their future.
The marines that come to visit CdM are kind and open to speak about experiences they have had while training and doing their jobs, and their service is much appreciated. It is this first hand experience that interests the students, because in a way, it is more of a “hands on” learning experience.
Once again, there are countless opportunities to take after high school, and the way that CdM provides the resource of any occupation is very beneficial for students.
As an unknown marine serving as second Lieutenant in Vietnam once stated, “Courage is endurance for one moment more…”. Everyone, whether entering the marine corps or any other occupation, can take inspiration from this quote and apply it to their lives. Recalling the endless possibilities of the future is wonderful. The privilege of seeing students have the opportunity to learn about and contemplate their futures is truly enlightening and inspiring.

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The Marines Visit CdM