The New Semester

Zoe Deralas, Journalist

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The first half of the school year begins to come closer and closer to an end at this point, which means students are closer to getting that fresh start that the second semester brings. Chances for resiliency, perseverance, challenges and improvement are given and embraced.
The feeling of having the stress from the first semester melt away and being able to focus on new challenges and assignments for the future makes students more relaxed in their learning environment. If one wanted to challenge themselves and set new academic goals, this is one of the best and most productive times throughout the year to do so.
Teachers also get a chance to start fresh and gather their lessons for teaching all of the requirements for the second half of the year. This time of year is beneficial for both students and teachers, because when semester finals are given, they are a way to recognize one’s progress and knowledge gained in a certain subject. Although that is the stressful part of the end of any semester, but it pushes students to strive to study to do their best.
The time passes by extremely quick these days, therefore opportunities should be seized as they come, and new goals should be created beforehand. Time passing very quickly is an important factor of the school year, because events and assignments need to be planned accordingly. Oddly enough, nowadays a good amount of people are wondering why the time flies by so fast. In an article by Kristin Wong, she states “The older we get, and the more of the world we’ve seen, we start to develop a routine. The days start to blend together, and time seems to pass us by”. This quote sums up a portion of the high school experience, because a big part of growing up is learning how to have a routine, responsibility and a schedule.
It is known to be that if one is having fun, or under a lot of pressure to get tasks done, they will be more susceptible to lose track of time. Whereas for one who does not have much to do and is bored at times, the time will seem more sluggish and stretched out. Remember that this point in the year is always a great opportunity for new ideas and goals, “Being present helps with that whole time as a percentage thing. You’re more focused on the here-and-now, absolute value of time” states Wong.
Rather than focusing on the stressful elements of half of the school year being over, embrace the new beginnings that await in the future.

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The New Semester