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Making Memories: CdM’s Last Vocal Concert

Jillian Hughes, Journalist

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Corona del Mar’s vocal department celebrated their last concert of the year this past weekend, following the theme of “Making Memories”. The concert, which played on Friday night, Saturday afternoon, and Saturday night, involved all levels of CdM’s fantastic vocal department, from Madrigals to Men of Note to Vox Angelica and more. Featuring solo acts as well as group performances, students sang their hearts out, celebrating the various memories that make us who we are.

Upon walking into the Sea King Theater, viewers were greeted with intricate decorations, again following the theme of Making Memories. Small pictures lined the walls of the hallway, while large polaroids documenting vocal department memories donned the walls of the theater. The concert began with a solo by senior Madrigal Nikki Saeedi, who opened the song “Wanting Memories”. All of CdM’s vocal ensembles then joined in to truly start the concert off with a bang. In between acts, students often gave short monologues on the significance of memories, whether their own or ones we have all witnessed. The audience also enjoyed a variety of acts, from upbeat tunes such as “Carry on Wayward Son” as performed by male Basses and Tenors to slower songs like “The Road Home”, performed by Madrigals. Other highlights included a seven-minute mash-up performance of Hamilton, sung by CdM’s own acapella group Corona del Harmony, and Ukuthula, a South African tune performed by all members of the vocal department that closed the show. The latter song was taught to Mr. Ball by a South African choir at a competition in Slovakia, which Madrigals will compete at next year.

The diversity of songs and performers is what really made the singers shine. Whether they were an Alto on Vox Angelica, a Tenor on Madrigals or anywhere in between, all singers enjoyed the opportunity to showcase their talents. All in all, it was a great end to the school year for Sea Kings in the vocal department. Additionally, CdM’s various bands will perform their summer band concert tomorrow night, Tuesday the 11th, from 6:30 to 8:30 PM, also in the Sea King Theater.

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Making Memories: CdM’s Last Vocal Concert