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Rollin’ Creamery

Thuy Pham and Brooklyn Hollander

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The very popular Thai-style ice cream is a trend that started with several ice cream shops in New York. It has finally landed in Southern California with Rollin’ Creamery. Operating in the heart of Fountain Valley, this small yet trendy ice cream shop is not only eye-catching in appearance, but also unique in taste. From your standard ice cream flavors like cookies and cream to more Asian-style flavors like ‘matcha and cream,’ to the picture-perfect ice cream cups, it is truly a crowd pleaser. In the shop, local food fanatics and food critics gather, ready to try all the different flavors that they have to offer. If one is looking for the perfect Instagram post to tie up their feed, then look no further than Rollin’ Creamery.

Looking to try some of the most unique Asian flavors for ice cream? Look no further than this ice cream shop. This confection takes a unique shape that is different from your standard ice cream parlor’s. It offers unique flavors such as black sesame, taro, Vietnamese coffee, Thai iced tea, strawberry cheesecake, and of course, matcha and cream. Matcha and cream is the same as cookies and cream, but without the standard milk base. Ice cream rollers bring Oreos and green tea together into one signature dessert.

Rollin’ Creamery is not just popular for their unique flavors. They are also popular for their unique look. The ice cream is rolled right before your eyes, making it perfect for your Instagram or Snapchat stories. Popular videos of this roll-style dessert can be found on a variety of social media platforms. As soon as the employees finish rolling your ice cream, they top off the ice cream rolls with whipped cream, a special syrup, Pocky sticks, and sometimes an Asian koala cookie.

This ice cream shop’s popularity has been overwhelming since their grand opening this past year. It receives a great amount of love from people all over the internet and even locals. Not only is it popular to teenagers, but it’s also a fan-favorite for many adults who appreciate the unique flavors. For more information, be sure to check out their Facebook and Instagram pages, where they are constantly uploading photos of their desserts.

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Rollin’ Creamery