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A New Take on Cinderella

Brooklyn Hollander, Journalist

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On April 4th of this year Ashley Poston released her new book, Geekerella. Geekerella is a young adult, contemporary novel that takes a new “geeky” spin on the classic tale of Cinderella.

The main character, Elle Wittimer, absolutely loves Starfield, the sci-fi TV series she grew up watching with her deceased father. When she hears that a reboot movie is going to be made, she is ecstatic. That is until she learns that the absolute last person she would ever pick to play the lead character was cast, Darien Freeman.

Like with most contemporaries, it is better to go into the story blind. Knowing only the premise and not the plotline beforehand makes it more enjoyable to read. That way the reader sees things unfold alongside the characters and doesn’t know what will happen for the first one hundred pages before they even begin reading.

If someone is looking for an adorably cute read, this is it. The dynamic between most of the characters are super cute and fun. Poston’s simple writing style comes of lightheartedly which makes the story even more engaging.

Anyone who loves any sort of TV show, movie, or book will completely relate to this story. As Elle’s love for the Starfield fandom drives much of this plot, relating to her being a fangirl throughout much of this book is easy. Poston even drops a few references to modern day fandoms such as Harry Potter and Starwars.

This story would get 4.5 stars on a scale out of 5 stars. It is super fun to read, but not something that is worthy of being re-read which is why that half star was knocked off. Though it was not an absolutely fantastic, amazing, “OH MY GOD!” book, it was still very good and definitely worth the read.

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A New Take on Cinderella